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Active Infertility Management

Too often couples experiencing difficulty in achieving a pregnancy spend many months enduring tests and stressful treatment that may or may not result in a successful pregnancy. Carrying out the right investigation at the right time to arrive at a complete understanding of the cause of the problem before commencing treatment is a key to modern infertility management. Mr Nabil Haddad and his team have established an infertility management program that completes a comprehensive series of investigations into the likely causes of couples infertility within the course of one menstrual cycle.

Couples will attend for an initial consultation during which a full history and examination is performed. Investigations are planned during the first appointment. The investigations involve, blood taken at different times of the menstrual cycle leading to a complete hormone profile to analyse if there is any problem which may interfere with ovulation. The woman is asked to attend the hospital for a vaginal ultrasound and vaginal scans and a test of her fallopian tubes which can be performed either by ultrasound or by x-ray. Occasionally the woman may require a general anaesthetic and a laparoscopy to assess her fallopian tubes. Also, occasionally the woman may require a hysteroscopy to assess her uterine cavity. Both laparoscopy and hysteroscopy will obviously be planned at a further date. The vaginal scan clearly shows the anatomy of the uterus, uterine cavity and the ovaries. It also indicates if there are any developing dominant eggs in her ovaries. We also perform, at the same time, an Antral Follicle Count which is an important fertility indicator. A full semen analysis with sperm motility testing is organised for the man.

A systematic approach to the diagnosis and cause of infertility will not guarantee pregnancy but will reduce waiting times, period of uncertainty and stress of unnecessary delay in the investigations.

Treatments available –

1. Ovulation induction

2. Intra uterine insemination with super ovulation

3. IVF

4. Intra cytoplasmic sperm injection

5. Surgical sperm retrieval

6. Frozen embryo transfer

7. Donor insemination

8. Egg donation

9. Fertility preservation for both men and women

10. Monitoring of assisted conception treatment when performed in another Unit.

For consultation, investigation and treatment fee schedule please refer for North West Fertility website.